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SEO Optimization is one of the most highly demanded services nowadays. To create better visibility of products or services in the market, a lot more organizations are using SEO. Without this, it becomes possible for owners to generate more and more traffic and convert those traffic into leads.

Although before that to attract more consumers, organizations generally use pamphlets, boards, and television. But honestly, nowadays, everything is moving digitally and with the help of social media and other platforms, organizations can easily gain more and more traffic and lead.

Truly, it has had a boom impact by technology. Even a lot more organizations opted for SEO to gain much traffic even in the end, a lot more freelancers are promoting their work with SEO.

SEO is basically of two types:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO Optimization

It is one of those activities that has been done on the internal part of the website. Basically, in this, we need to perform a lot more activities such as

  • Manage keywords: focus key phrases, primary and secondary keywords.
  • Interlinking: necessary to connect blogs so that everything will be shown as active on the website.
  • Meta Data: it includes the title, description, and focus key phrase. You should need to add a unique title and description that includes your focus key phrase.
  • Headings: proper headings should be maintained such as h1, h2, h3, h4, and so on.
  • Featured image: It is mandatory to add one featured image that represents your blog. The image will show your blog as quite creative.
  • Slug: The URL of our blog, article, or page must be relevant and related to the content mentioned. While publishing a blog or article, you need to make sure that the URL should be unique.

Off-Page SEO Optimization

Here, you need to maintain your complete focus on external activities that helps in generating more and more organic traffic. Off-Page SEO is a technique where we will need to increase the traffic from other platforms, especially by using other sites or by working on paid ads.

It includes:

  • Guest post: Here, you need to write a post that refers to one of the blogs on your website. Then, you need to mention a particular link to your site in the guest post blog. It is published on third-party sites so that if a lead comes there and likes the content then he can come using the link on our website. We will get the backlink from there which can also help in improving DA(Domain Authority).
  • Forums: Forums means Q / A site. Here, if we find any relevant questions then, we can answer them and can add our content link that creates direct organic traffic.
  • Profile creation: This is another activity of off-page optimization. Here, we need to go to a lot of sites that provide the detail of different companies. We need to mention our site logo, site URL, and the relevant information that represents our site.
  • Bookmarking: In bookmarking part, we need to mention different ideas related to our site content and we can add our site link there. For example, Pinterest.

How do our experts work on providing SEO Optimization Services?

Firstly, our Tech Drawer experts completely check the website and see what are the type of issues. And how they can be solved?

After they get the errors, they go to the research part and see what things are needed to be included in the site to make it work better. Once the complete research is done, then the main focus will be on the website.

Then, they work on complete on-page optimization. Once things seem clear. Then, the main focus is on off-page optimization. The more you work on an off-page activity, the more advantages you will get.
But our main focus is providing our users the quality things rather than quantity.

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