Complete Explanation of TypeScript Vs JavaScript: Which is Better?

typescript over javascript

Get a complete detailed guide on the differences between TypeScript Vs JavaScript and understand – Why Users Choose TypeScript over JavaScript?

TypeScript is another type of JScript that works on providing complete functionalities and operations of JS with some extraordinary features. It is developed by Microsoft and works on adding syntax to the upper part of JavaScript.

Although, TS is a known loosely typed language that allows different data types to be easily passed through code.

Talking about JavaScript, we can say that it is one of the most popular programming languages that work on better implementation of websites, applications, or other utilities. It is a scripting language that works better on the content, creating dynamic pages, and others.

Moreover, we have learned about both languages separately, now it is time to understand the basic differences between TypeScript Over JavaScript.

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Basic Differences Between TypeScript Vs JavaScript

TypeScript JavaScript
Data Binding Uses of TypeScript concepts and interfaces. JavaScript does not use any type of concept or interface.
Learning Sometimes, it seems that TypeScript is hard to learn because it is a scripting language. JavaScript is easy to learn and fast to grasp.
Project Size TypeScript can be used to work on large-size projects. JavaScript works on small-sized projects.
Environment TypeScript is quite interactive and used a lot of JavaScript features. With the help of JavaScript, it is possible to create and explore the code in a better way.
Community There is less community of TypeScript Developers. There is more community of JavaScript developers.
Compile Code It is necessary to compile TypeScript code. Does not any need to compile JavaScript code.


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Which is Better – TypeScript Over JavaScript?

  • One of the most common reasons for choosing TypeScript over JavaScript is that it will carry out the errors before the complication process and while running time, it will generate fewer errors. And, JavaScript is an interpreted language.
  • JavaScript does not provide a feature for the correctness of errors whereas, in TypeScript, all the correctness can be checked at the compile time.
  • TypeScript uses concepts and interfaces to show the data properly whereas JavaScript does not.
  • With the help of TypeScript, it becomes possible for developers to work on a large-size project. And, JavaScript only uses for small-size projects.
  • Both languages are perfect on their own, but if you are having better knowledge and expertise, then TypeScript is one of the better options for you.
  • For better TypeScript features, annotation is required in this whereas annotation is not required in JavaScript.

Not only these, but there are numerous TypeScript Vs JavaScript real-life examples that suggests which is better.

End Results

In the end, just wanted to say that we have learned the entire concept in detail about TypeScript Vs JavaScript and some of the reasons suggest- Why Choose TypeScript Over JavaScript? It is recommended to learn the entire article first and then move to the relevant implementations.

Moreover, TypeScript is one of the recommended languages to use as it has better functionalities and operations work upon. Also, for developers, it is better to use TypeScript to implement in one of the best ways.

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